Glass Pergolas

Claire's Canopy 5 reduced.jpg

We are extremely excited to announce plans to replace the old canvas canopies in our outdoor seating area.

The canvas canopies have served us well over the past 10 years, allowing an incredibly high number of ceremonies to be conducted outside when they would have otherwise been brought indoors.

They have however had their limitations, including their inability to be erected in stronger winds which would have meant a safety issue for staff and guests. We are also interested in providing a more elegant solution that grants more comfort for guests all year round.

Our new bespoke Glass Pergolas to replace the canopies will be handmade in Kent and have black aluminium frames to match the existing garden structures. A UV resistant glass roof will add to the outdoor feel of the ceremony area allowing guests to see the sky overhead.

We will be able to install additional subtle speakers in the corners so your guests can hear the ceremony even better than before. They will also match our new ceremony benches perfectly and ensure the white Gazebo stands out for your ceremony.

In the New Year we will also be adding some additional fairy lights to the gardens so your guests can enjoy this magical space well into the evening.

It is a significant investment for us, costing over £50,000 but the result will be an amazing space for you and your guests. The installation date will be in late January, take 5 days and will not affect any weddings booked during this month.

We have attached an artist’s impression showing the two glass pergolas in situ. If you have any questions or would like any more information please let us know.

Best wishes,

The Old Kent Barn